Marrying Out, Marrying Up, and Not Marrying

Written by Cindy Fan. Patrilocal exogamy refers to the new wife leaving her natal family and moving to join the husband’s family. In short, Chinese women ‘marry out.’ This practice is rooted in the age-old patrilineal tradition where the family’s name is passed down through boys and not […]

Introduction to Special Issue on Gender

Written by Richard Selwyn. Centred around the narrator’s obstetrician paternal aunt, Mo Yan’s 2009 novel Frog depicts China’s reversals in family planning policy since the 1960s. Throughout this period of dramatic change, it is the characters’ unwavering attitudes to gender which serve as the novel’s constant. Each tragedy […]

BRI: Implications for Southeast Asia

Written by Munmun Majumdar. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has, broadly speaking, two components—the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) on land and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR) on sea. China’s Maritime Silk Road clearly segregates the economic-commercial-connectivity paradigm while avoiding the articulation of the military-naval dimension […]