The Many Facets of Social Credit

Written by Flora Sapio. “Social Credit” is a code-word for the boldest and most ambitious governance reform program launched by China since 1978. Its core components aim at transforming social governance in the ways so excellently described by Professor Stanley Lubman, and Professor Ane Bislev. Beyond its social component, […]

China – Big Data Empire

Written by Pamela Kyle Crossley. In global history, China stands out for its reputation for close, reliable documentation from an early date. Over two dozen of the dynastic empires of China dating back more than 2000 years have fairly detailed histories, most of them produced within a generation […]

Xi Jinping: Strongman Among Rivals

Written by Gregory J. Moore. The 19th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is over, and while it is still too early to truly assess the new leadership team Xi Jinping has assembled, there are a number of conclusions that seem apropos at this early stage, now […]