Month: April 2012

Can Mandarin become mainstream in UK schools?

By Sam Beatson. This week, I interviewed the deputy head academic of one of Britain’s leading independent co-educational schools, historian Jo-anne Riley, of Brighton College, East Sussex. Brighton College was a recent winner of the Times Independent School of the Year (2011/12) and educates children from pre-school (nursery) […]

Apple Eats Into China

By Mike Bastin. As the Apple brand powers on and on, some say inevitably towards the world’s first $1 trillion brand, one of the key challenges facing further progress is expansion inChina. While there are obvious obstacles for Apple, or any foreign brand for that matter, inChinasuch as […]

Bo Xilai – The Plot Thickens

By Mike Bastin While we should all welcome the recent news of the re-investigation into the death of Mr. Neil Heywood, the British businessman who died under suspicious circumstances in November last year, it is also an opportune time to gain some understanding of the intense rivalry within […]