Month: May 2012

Confronting the Euro crisis

By China Policy Institute. The Integrating Global Society Priority Group and the China Policy Institute held a roundtable to brainstorm the Euro crisis and its implications in May. We examined the issues involved from both European and global perspectives, and reached the some important conclusions. For full details about […]

Putin regional policy challenges China

by Elzbieta Maria Pron. Putin’s come back to presidential power in Russia has been widely reported in international media. The czarist-like inauguration provoked comments on the renewed image of Russia. Putin’s unexpected resignation from G8 Summit participation shed light on Moscow’s new line of foreign policy for the […]

Quiet Diplomacy over Chen Guangcheng

By Steve Tsang. Quiet diplomacy has long received short shrift from China when addressing human rights issues. The case of Chen Guangcheng, however, marks a significantly more sophisticated approach to its negotiations with the US. If both sides maintain their composure, Chen and his family will soon be […]