Month: June 2013

The Xi-Obama Summit: Much Ado About Very Little

Written by June Teufel Dreyer For a summit billed as informal—for any summit, for that matter—the Xi-Obama meeting generated an extraordinary amount of media attention.  Speculation abounded over peripheral issues: why was the meeting being held in California rather than in the nation’s capital? Why did First Lady […]

The Obama-Xi Shirt-Sleeves Summit in Sunnyland: Seeking a “New Type Of Great Power Relationship”

Written by Don Keyser Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping met June 7-8 for about eight hours of free-ranging, “unscripted” discussions at the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho Mirage, California. Both sides played down expectations that the “shirt-sleeves summit” would yield significant policy “deliverables.” The sole announcement of a concrete […]

June 4: Memories, Myths, and Memorials

Written by Jackie Sheehan. It was 24 years ago today that 130,000 troops from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) entered central Beijing to end the occupation of Tiananmen Square which had begun in mid-May. From late in the evening of June 3, to get to the remaining student […]

The Chen Shui-bian Drama Gets Weirder

Written by J Michael Cole. Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice confirmed on Monday that former president Chen Shui-bian, who is serving a 20-year jail sentence for corruption, attempted suicide by hanging on the evening of June 2, the latest in a long list of dramatic events involving the controversial […]