Month: July 2013

Media War Over Shanghai

Written by Peter Harmsen. For three months during the fall of 1937, hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Japanese soldiers clashed in a titanic battle in and around Shanghai. China’s largest city was the scene of fierce street fighting, while the paddy fields outside the urban areas became […]

A Separate Taiwan and China’s External Policy

Written by Don Keyser. Since 1949, China and Taiwan have waged the international dimension of their contest on four principal battlegrounds: [1] “hard power” realities, especially their relative military capabilities including those of allies; [2] ideological or normative appeals; [3] competition for diplomatic “partners” or “allies” (i.e., nations […]

On China Dream

Written by Kerry Brown One of the most widely reported acts when Xi Jinping became Party Secretary of the CCP late last year was the highly symbolic visit he made to Shenzhen, sacred territory of the reform and opening up period because of its role one of the […]