Month: January 2014

CPI contributor: Jackie Sheehan

Written by Jackie Sheehan. My first degree was in Chinese Studies, and in almost three decades of studying China since then, I’ve developed quite a varied set of research interests. If they have a common thread, it’s been the contradiction (a good old Maoist term) between the PRC’s […]

Constitutional Impasse in Hong Kong

Written by Michael C. Davis. The global media has recently been fixated on a number of seemingly intractable constitutional impasses that have given rise to crises around the world. These impasses have been rooted in complex ethnic and social histories in such diverse places as Thailand, Ukraine and […]

In Macao, Money Can’t Buy Love

Written by Bill Chou. Macao used to be a better showcase than Hong Kong for demonstrating the success of the “One-Country Two-Systems” policy. In particular, Macao’s economy is robust after the liberalization of the casino industry in 2002. Political opposition is weak. Macao people identify strongly with Chinese […]