Month: February 2014

Going Nuclear is Not an Option

Written by J. Michael Cole One can almost always anticipate the response whenever John J. Mearsheimer, the famous political scientist from the University of Chicago, says or writes anything about China and the fate of Taiwan. Sure enough, a recent commentary by Mearsheimer in the National Interest, gloomily […]

Beyond Myanmar’s Democracy Narrative

Written by Maitrii Aung-Thwin. Questions surrounding Myanmar’s political future have brought the current Constitutional impasse, ongoing cease-fire initiative, and this year’s national census under sharper scrutiny. For most external commentators, these issues remain embedded within a discussion about Myanmar’s democratic prospects. For over twenty-five years, much of the world […]

Framing the Radicals: Panic on Canton Road (II)

Written by Daniel Garrett. Part Two Introduction: In the first section, notions of hegemonic framing and deployment of moral panic in Hong Kong (HK) by the local (primarily) and central regimes over a transgressive nativist contentious performance (Tilly, 2008) described as an “anti-locust” protest and broader anti-mainlander sentiment […]

Framing the Radicals: Panic on Canton Road (I)

Written by Daniel Garrett. The framing by Hong Kong (HK) mainstream media (MSM), Chinese state media, and the Special Administrative Region (SAR) and Chinese governments of HK’s controversial ‘anti-locust’ protest on Canton Road this past weekend (February 16) was highly dubious and indicative of hegemonic attempts to deploy […]