Month: July 2014

Redefining Hong Kong SAR

Written by Daniel Garrett. While undeniably the most extensive authoritarian and arguably violent crackdown by the SAR government since  the Handover, the local regime’s actions on July 2nd are best understood at this early point as a case of “killing a few chickens” to dissuade participation in OCLP […]

Being a good cadre

Written by Kerry Brown. One of the seminal texts during the period of struggle before the Communist Party of China (CPC) came to power in 1949 was Liu Shaoqi’s `How to be a Good Communist’, issued in 1939. Liu, despite being a native of the same area of […]

Designing Democracy in Hong Kong

Written by Jennifer Eagleton. Having lived in “transitional” Hong Kong from just after the return to Chinese sovereignty in October 1997 to the present, I have witnessed all the “growing pangs” of Hong Kong as it adjusts to its birth and growth as a Special Administrative Region of […]