Month: May 2015

China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign and Economic Development

Written by Jenny Li Jie.For the past two and a half years, China’s unprecedented high profile anti-corruption campaign under President Xi Jinping’s leadership has drawn worldwide attention. Domestically, Xi enjoys strong support from the general public, who have harboured deep resentment against those “tigers” and “flies” whose embezzlement […]

An Alternative Solution to Corruption Control in China: To Raise Xi Jinping’s Salary?

Written by Alfred M. Wu. Methods for targeting corruption in China have been a fascinating topic for practitioners and academics. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Chinese Communist Party is investing all its energy into fighting ‘tigers’ in order to frighten all public officials to give up corrupt behaviours. Alternative […]

Is the AIIB a turning point for China?

Written by Xiaobing Wang. The current world order is largely built on American dominance, managed by US-based international organizations like the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This order was established after World War II and has been reinforced by the collapse of the communist […]

Running the AIIB

Written by Huiyun Feng and Kai He. With increasing power and interests, China is becoming more uncomfortable with some of the rules and practices of the international institutions that were tailored for the post-World War II world. However, existing powers are not ready to accommodate China’s needs. The Asian Infrastructure […]

Fighting Corruption

Written by Joseph Fewsmith.Xi Jinping’s campaign against corruption is now over two and a half years old. It has certainly gone on longer, cut deeper, and affected more people than anyone might have imagined at its inception. There are at least two aspects of this campaign that are […]