Month: December 2015

Taiwan 2016 academic resources: The President

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. The ROC President is the single most visible political actor in Taiwan and much of the literature charting Taiwan’s progress towards democracy and democratic consolidation has focused on respective presidencies. Although Chiang Kai-shek cannot take any credit for the political liberalization that occurred after […]

Studying Chinese Media

Written by Shih-Chien Chang. Readers who are interested in the development of the media and complex politics-media dynamics in Greater China will appreciate the Routledge Handbook of Chinese Media, co-edited by Gary & Ming-yeh Rawnsley (published May 2015). The volume includes significant essays by well-known scholars (such as […]

Taiwan 2016: Electronic resources

Compiled by James Smyth, Ben Goren, Michal Thim and Jonathan Sullivan. When I first started researching Taiwanese elections, writing my Masters thesis in 2004, I spent many long hours photocopying party ads at the National Central Library archive in Taipei. In the first year of my PhD, I […]