Month: May 2016

Ecological conservation in China

Written by Cheng Gong and Kārlis Rokpelnis. Tu Youyou’s deserved Nobel Prize award comes as a welcome recognition of the fact that lore accrued outside of the scientific method directly contributes to creation of scientific knowledge and industrial innovation. It also fits well into the nationalist narrative that […]

China in Qatar

Written by Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat. The use of soft power has become an important element of China’s foreign policy. In its pivot to the Gulf ,China has used soft-power resources to strengthen its foothold in the region. Qatar is a good case in point. Educational partnership is perhaps the most […]

Online Translation Communities in Chinese Cyberspace

Written by Chuan Yu. There is a “tradition” in China of translating almost everything from other languages into Chinese. Since the arrival of the Internet about 30 years ago, the practice of translation has also moved online. A number of online translation communities have been established for various purposes. In […]