Month: July 2016

Child Trafficking in China

Written by Quanbao Jiang. Child trafficking is a serious social problem worldwide. With an increasing number of reports on this issue broadcast publicly, child trafficking in China has attracted more and more public attention. It is often reported how children who have been abducted are rescued by public security departments […]

Sexual subjects on the move across the Taiwan Strait

Written by Mei-Hua Chen. Since Taiwan lifted martial law in late 1987, Chinese women have come to Taiwan in increasing numbers as spouses, students and tourists. A further cohort has arrived as undocumented migrant workers, seeking economic opportunities and a better life. However, many of these women end up seeking […]

Corruption and the Death Penalty

Written by Bin Liang. On Monday, July 4, 2016, Ling Jihua was sentenced to life imprisonment by the No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin after a closed-door trial. He was convicted of taking bribes, illegally obtaining state secrets and for abuse of power. Upon hearing his sentence, […]

Deciphering the Chinese Underground Economy

Written by Taylor Roberts. The US Department of Justice indicts five members of the alleged People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Unit 61398 advanced persistent threat unit. Operation Aurora ties Chinese hackers to a series of attacks on American companies that impacted Google’s decision to withdraw from China. Last year, […]

The Involvement of Women in Criminal Markets in China

Written by Anqi Shen and Georgios A. Antonopoulos. Following economic reforms launched in 1978, criminal markets flourished under an increasingly market-oriented economy. With cash becoming a major factor in the social life of post-Mao China, men and women alike became active players in the money-generation process. Our research, based on […]