Month: October 2016

China’s Secret Weapon in Space

Written by Joan Johnson-Freese. An American analyst first translated the Chinese word shashoujian as meaning “Assassin’s Mace” in 1999, though linguists ascribe it multiple, often innocuous, meanings. By 2004, the Pentagon and security analysts speculating on China’s weapons development ambitions and strategies had fully and singularly adopted the “Assassin’s […]

Dynamic authoritarian resilience

Written by Steve Hess. Beginning with the release of David Shambaugh’s March 2015 op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, which discussed the “coming Chinese crack-up,” a heated debate has emerged over the over the CCP’s potential collapse, flowing into an ongoing discussion in academia over the CCP’s fragility […]

Made in China 2025

Written by Boy Lüthje. China has become an important testing ground for an emerging paradigm of capitalist production that has been promoted under catchwords like intelligent manufacturing, digital production or industry 4.0. In 2015, the government presented a masterplan for China’s future manufacturing entitled “Made in China 2025”. […]

The Chinese Left: Contexts and Strategies

Written by Christopher Connery. Let’s define the “left” broadly as standing against market fundamentalism, against the dominance of finance capital, and as advocating economic and social equality, worker and peasant power, and social welfare.[1] Most leftists worldwide share these values. A distinguishing feature of the Chinese new left, however, […]

Renewable energy: Canada learns from China

Written by Daouda Cissé. Even though Canada and China have developed political and diplomatic relations, the economic ties between the two countries remain the most important aspect of the relationship. Both countries have developed strong trade and investment relations in various areas such as agriculture, real estate, infrastructure, services […]