Month: November 2016

Sino-US Climate Diplomacy

Written by Fuzuo Wu. China and the United States, the world’s largest and second largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters, have transformed from opponents on how to address climate change at the global level to close partners. During President Obama’s second administration,  China and the United States have been […]

What now for the Rebalance?

Written by Ali Wyne. As U.S. President Barack Obama approaches the end of his time in office, a convergence of developments is challenging his principal foreign-policy initiative, the effort to rebalance America’s strategic equities towards the Asia-Pacific.

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy and China

Written by Alek Chance. The fact we must all immediately confront when thinking about America’s future foreign policy is that we know very little. Forecasting an incoming president’s foreign policy is always a difficult task—see, for example, the promised “humble” foreign policy of George W. Bush. Speculation about […]

The experiences of Chinese Students and Returnees

Written by Qing Gu. Over the last two decades, Chinese student mobility has undergone profound changes. Exponential growth has taken place, driven ‘in part by the demand for a knowledge-based economy and highly skilled human resources’. China’s economic expansion has played a significant role in the internationalisation of global […]