Month: January 2017

Hong Kong’s clouded future

Written by Mark Beeson. As the world struggles to come to terms with the potentially monumental geopolitical changes Donald Trump’s election threatens to unleash, it’s easy to lose sight of the fate of the small fry. Few places epitomise what’s at stake in the evolving international order better […]

China steps up as US steps back from global leadership

Written by Flynt L. Leverett and Robert Sprinkle. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s appearance at last week’s World Economic Forum shows global leadership is shifting, not drifting, toward Beijing. The most vigorous defense of globalization and multilateral cooperation was mounted not by an American statesman, but by the president of […]

Of Chickens and Roosters

Written by Chien Tsai. In the year of the Rooster, be a rooster. Sometimes a chicken is not just a chicken, and a rooster is more than a rooster. From time to time when I hear the word chicken the word coward also comes to mind. As is […]

U.S. Government Commission Strategic Policy Analysis

Written by Bert Chapman. Bilateral relations between China and the U.S. encompass multiple issues including human rights, space power, trade relations, currency manipulation, cyber power, China’s increasing military assertiveness in the East and South China Seas, Beijing’s desire to implement this assertiveness through international legal forums and its […]