Month: May 2017

Contesting Visions of Hong Kong’s Rule of Law

Written by M Y Karen Lee. The last British governor, Chris Patten, when praising the ‘Hong Kong way of life’, averred: ‘It is the Rule of Law which provides a safe and secure environment for the individual, for families and businesses to flourish’. But this would not be […]

Autonomy in Hong Kong: what ‘autonomy’ means in practice

Written by Damien Kingsbury. Hong Kong’s ‘one country, two systems’ is sometimes referred to as constituting Hong Kong’s autonomy from China. This is, in principle, confirmed under Hong Kong’s 1997 Basic Law. However, autonomy arrangements can reflect less, and rarely more, than their legal framework implies. Of course, […]

Introduction to special issue on Hong Kong Politics

Written by Richard Selwyn. The 1st of July will mark twenty years since the handover of Hong Kong. Economically, politically, and diplomatically, a lot has changed. China now occupies a prominent position on the world stage, and China’s economic development has continued apace. Political and judicial reform within […]

China’s outward FDI to Europe after Brexit

Written by Hinrich Voss. Chinese direct investments into the European Union have continuously grown since the financial crisis in 2008. This is partially explained by Chinese factors: the Chinese government’ ‘go global’ policy, the increasing global competitiveness of Chinese firms and rising demands in the domestic market have […]

China goes Global: The Changing Value Chain

Written by Ilan Alon. The globalisation of Chinese capital will be one of the hallmarks of 21st-century economics, shaping debates over state capitalism, ‘free’ markets and international institutions. The rise of Chinese multinationals has inflamed global fears about China ‘taking over’ the world. It is true that Chinese […]