Month: June 2017

Singing the Umbrella Movement: Pop, Politics, and Protest

Written by Ivy Man.  The Umbrella Movement, also known as the Umbrella Revolution, was a 79-day pro-democracy street occupation protest in Hong Kong. In the run-up to the protests, Beijing had stipulated that Hong Kong’s universal suffrage would be on Beijing’s terms, allowing only Communist Party approved candidates […]

Eco-city Development in China

Written by Wu Deng. China is undergoing the largest scale urbanization in history and at an unprecedented pace. Between 1991 and 2012, China’s urban population increased from 26.4% to 52.6%. Urban built areas have expanded from 12,856 to 45,566 square kilometres over the same period, an increase of […]

State-managed Buddhism and Chinese-Mongolian relations

Written by Jichang Lulu. “No matter what the 14th Dalai Lama says or does, he cannot deny the Central Government’s right to recognise reincarnations,” says Norbu Döndrup ནོར་བུ་དོན་གྲུབ 罗布顿珠, one of the highest-ranking Tibetan officials in the Autonomous Region’s government. Zhu Weiqun 朱维群, former deputy head of the […]

2017 Defense Department Report on Chinese Military Power

Written by Bert Chapman. The 2000 National Defense Authorization Act saw Congress direct the Pentagon to prepare an annual report on Chinese military power in classified and unclassified versions. A 2010 amendment to this legislation directed this report to cover emerging Chinese military-technological developments and forecast future trends […]