Month: July 2017

Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in China

Written by Helen Rees. East Asia has long been in the vanguard of government-driven attempts to preserve local intangible cultural heritage (ICH)—those oral traditions, performing arts, traditional crafts, social practices, rituals and festivals that ‘communities, groups, and . . . individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage.’ […]

Introduction to Special Issue on Music in China

Written by Richard Selwyn. Earlier this year, the Confucius Institute held its third annual Chinese singing competition in the UK. Coverage of the event was limited, generating few column inches. Still, this state-sponsored competition seems significant. Are the Chinese authorities beginning to see the value in popular music? […]

Policing in Hong Kong Post 1997

Written by Kam C. Wong. To date, most Hong Kong Police (HKP) Officers feel that a once well-ordered society is fast eclipsing, post 1997, as is evident by recent public disturbances, from the Umbrella Revolution (2014) (UR) to the Mongkok Riots (2016) (MKR). To them, the Special Administrative […]