Month: October 2017

China’s Xi sets his sights on the world

Written by Charles Burton. When the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Congress drew to a close recently, President Xi Jinping emerged, as intended, with a steely new grip on power. Having been enshrined in the Party Constitution as the sole legitimate interpreter of Chinese Marxism for the “new era,” Xi’s political […]

The 19th Party Congress and China’s sorrow

Written by Stephen L. Morgan. The changes to the constitution of the Communist Party of China passed at the 19th party congress are a tragedy for the Chinese, for their intellectual curiosity and for their future economic prosperity. Enshrining the ‘Thought of Xi Jinping’ in the party constitution, […]

The Easiest Decision

Written by Konstantinos Tsimonis. The leadership line-up at the end of the first plenum of the 19th Party Congress demonstrates that informal rules are designed to both strengthen political stability while giving flexibility to the decision-making process of China’s authoritarian political system. The fact that there is no […]