Month: November 2017

China’s soft power struggles

Written by Asit K Biswas and Kris Hartley. China’s 19th Party Congress concluded last month with President Xi Jinping promising a rejuvenated China that wields more influence across the world. This declaration comes as the United States, erratic and unpredictable under Donald Trump, seems too preoccupied with turbulent domestic […]

The Rise of Overseas Voluntourism in China

Written by Nyíri Pál. I am Ao Xuan, third-year tourism management student, currently applying for internships in South America and Africa (…) In 2013, I visited 6 countries, 40 cities, very ordinary, nothing over the top. Early in the year I applied to be an overseas volunteer in […]

Chinese Red Tourism

Written by Kirk A. Denton.  In 2004, the offices of the State Council and the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party issued an outline affirming ‘red tourism,’ a state-sponsored program to encourage travel to historical sites related to the Chinese communist revolution, as a ‘key front for […]