Month: December 2017

Would China go to war over U.S. Navy port calls in Taiwan?

Written by J. Michael Cole. Li Kexin, speaking at the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Washington  last week told hundreds of people assembled at an embassy event, that calls by U.S. Navy vessels at ports in Taiwan would violate China’s “Anti-Secession Law” of 2005 and automatically spark a military response.

Russia and China in East Asia in the next 20 years

Written by Olga Krasnyak. At the regional conference in Seoul ‘Looking Ahead: Russia and Asia in the next 20 years’ organized by Valdai Discussion Club in partnership with KIEP (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy),  the main question has been revolving around predictions of the future for Asia. Making any […]

The Many Facets of Social Credit

Written by Flora Sapio. “Social Credit” is a code-word for the boldest and most ambitious governance reform program launched by China since 1978. Its core components aim at transforming social governance in the ways so excellently described by Professor Stanley Lubman, and Professor Ane Bislev. Beyond its social component, […]