Newly based in the School of Politics and International Relations at The University of Nottingham, the China Policy Institute has entered its 13th year as a major centre of expertise on contemporary China.

The China Policy Institute is explicitly outward-facing, drawing on a network of Internal and Non-Resident Senior Fellows to engage with a range of stakeholders in government, business, civil society and the media. Our network of academic China specialists facilitates evidence-based policy and decision-making through a program of engagements and dialogues.

The regular China Policy Institute-FCO Seminar connects academics and foreign policymakers; the China Policy Institute  Stakeholder Dialogues join China specialists in various professions with academics and students at The University of Nottingham; China Policy Institute: Analysis and social media provide daily commentary on contemporary events by world renowned China scholars; China Policy Institute Policy Briefs provide timely responses to breaking events; a series of policy focused activities draws on our partnerships with the Institute of Asian and Pacific Studies and the Asia Business Centre; the Taiwan Studies Programme holds an annual conference attended by world renowned scholars and policymakers.

Under a new leadership team, the China Policy Institute ‘s mandate is to coalesce, facilitate and maximize the external engagement and impact work based of China focused staff across all disciplines at the University, including colleagues based at our China and Malaysia campuses.

The China Policy Institute  is committed to sharing insights from academic research in an impartial manner, promoting scholarly exchange and vigorous debate among leading China experts and policy-makers from around the world.

China Policy Institute: Analysis is a platform for China scholars and other professionals to share their expert insights on contemporary developments in Chinese politics, the economy, society, foreign relations and other sectors. The China Policy Institute does not privilege any partisan position and aims to present balanced and nuanced analyses that represent multiple viewpoints. All content represents the views of the respective author and not the China Policy Institute or the University of Nottingham

Dr Jonathan Sullivan, Director, China Policy Institute