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How Uber crashed in China

Written by John Colley. Uber has announced its exit from the Chinese taxi market by merging with arch-rival Didi Chuxing in a US$35 billion deal. Uber is selling its operations to Didi, with Uber China investors receiving a 20% stake in Didi, according to reports. It represents a […]

“Made in Italy” by Chinese in Prato: The “Carrot and Stick” Policy and Chinese Migrants in Italy, 2010-11

Written by Gaoheng Zhang. Historically, Italian industry in Prato focused on textile production, a famed “Made in Italy” trademark with a pan-European clientele. Following their arrival in the city during the 1980s, Chinese migrants gradually developed the niche market of ready-to-wear fashion. By the late 2000s, Chinese businesses […]

Why did George Osborne visit Xinjiang?

Written by Michael Reilly. This week the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister), George Osborne, made a flying visit to Urumqi following the meeting of the China-UK Strategic and Economic Dialogue. In doing so, he became the first British Minister to visit China’s restive Xinjiang Autonomous Region. According […]