Category: China & Climate Change

China and Global Climate Change – From Laggard to Leader?

Written by Patrick Schroeder. In the latest turn of events in the fight against climate change, the Trump administration announced its withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, frustrating global leaders, climate scientists, renewable energy companies and environmentalists alike. At the same time, China and the EU announced their […]

Public Environmental Concern in China

Written by Xinsheng Liu and Ren Mu. With a remarkable annual growth rate in GDP averaging at 8 to 9 percent for the past three decades, China has transformed from a poverty-afflicted country into a global economic powerhouse. However, this economic growth comes at a very heavy price: […]

Adapting to Climate Change in Rural China

Written by Sarah Rogers. While China’s climate change mitigation efforts (its pilot emissions trading schemes and investment in renewable energy) are widely discussed, its adaptation efforts receive far less attention. Yet China is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and will need to take action to […]

Is China’s environmental reporting changing?

Written by Ran Duan and Bruno Takahashi. Air pollution is a typical example of the environmental problems facing China, with most of the pollutants being a byproduct of industrial processes, burning coal, and automobile exhausts. In China, the health costs associated with air pollution are severe. Researchers have found […]