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The Sports Industry: the Next Big Thing in China?

Written by Dongfeng Liu. Whilst only three to five years ago confidence in the Chinese sports sector was still fragile after a damaging football corruption scandal, today the landscape is much improved. Indeed, the past few years have witnessed unprecedented investment in the sports sector in China. Wang Jianlin and […]

Buddhism and Basketball: The Dai Monks of Yunnan

Written by Roger Casas. While not enjoying the popularity of other sites in Yunnan Province such as Lijiang or Dali, Xishuangbanna (西双版纳) is today a favourite destination among national tourists as a ‘little Thailand’ within China. A popular topic for the cameras of visitors to the region, as […]

Xi Jinping’s Football Dream and the Nightmare Scenario

Written by Alan Bairner. It is generally accepted, although seldom properly evidenced, that successful national sports teams play a significant role in forging national solidarity. Conversely, failure on the international stage can undermine attempts to unify the nation. In all but a few countries in the world, the […]