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Is silence golden when it comes to Chinese football?

Written by Simon Chadwick. Before his sacking by Bayern Munich, rumours had circulated in recent weeks that Carlo Ancelotti would quit his post in Germany to go and work in Chinese football’s Super League. That aside, however, right now not much is being said about China and its football, inevitably […]

How a footballer’s way with words caught China offside

Written by Simon Chadwick. The Ken(n)edys clearly have a way with words. More than 50 years after John Fitzgerald possibly likened himself to a doughnut in his ‘Ich Bin ein Berliner’speech, young Chelsea player Robert Kenedy Nunes Nascimento has recently been similarly challenging the world’s linguistic communities.

China shines the spotlight on football spending spree

Written by Simon Chadwick. English football fans often use the phrase ‘it all kicked-off’, which essentially means ‘when the trouble started’. In the never-ending soap opera that is Chinese football, it has all kicked-off once again over the last month or so. During the politically induced damp squib […]