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Prospects for Same-sex Marriage in the PRC

Written by Elaine Jeffreys and Pan Wang. Timothy Hildebrandt (2011) first raised the hypothetical question: ‘What might motivate the PRC government to recognise same-sex marriage?’ Writing of the 2000s, he provided three possible answers: 1) domestic pressure from LGBT groups; 2) international pressure, via UN human rights’ conventions; […]

Commercial Sex among Men in China

Written by Yifeng Cai. It is generally agreed that the Reform in the 1980s drastically transformed China’s political, economic, social, and cultural landscapes. These reconfigurations vividly manifest themselves in Chinese people’s everyday life, including the sexual and intimate part of it. It is observed by many that there […]

Pop-up Study on Sex Education in China

Written by Yuanting Zhang. Sex remains a taboo topic in China, even as the country experiences rapid economic and social transformation. Bombarded by western pop culture, restless young Chinese are facing an upcoming sexual revolution without proper guidance. There have been several reports of soaring HIV/AIDs breakouts in […]