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A Tale of Two Publishers: Is censorship the new normal?

Written by Kevin Carrico. On August 18th of this year, news broke that Cambridge University Press was censoring over 300 articles from China Quarterly on its Chinese website. The deletions were requested by Beijing, based on indiscriminate keyword searches like “Tibet,” “Tiananmen,” and “Taiwan.” Media attention rapidly focused […]

Controlling the Chinese information environment

Written by James Farley and Jonathan Sullivan. Authoritarians share the desire to control the frames, histories, discourses, ideas, narratives and opinions that constitute the “information environment”. Authoritarian regimes select and control access to the information that citizens are exposed to and seek to establish unchallengeable “facts”. Through school […]

Dude, where’s my paper?

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Back in 2011, weibo was enjoying a moment. Competing platforms were at the height of their popularity and had brought several scandals to light, including attempts to cover up the Wenzhou high speed rail crash. I was fascinated by the potential for weibo to […]

Pop-up Study on Sex Education in China

Written by Yuanting Zhang. Sex remains a taboo topic in China, even as the country experiences rapid economic and social transformation. Bombarded by western pop culture, restless young Chinese are facing an upcoming sexual revolution without proper guidance. There have been several reports of soaring HIV/AIDs breakouts in […]

CUP reverses course on CQ censorship – And then?

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Cambridge University Press (CUP) has announced that it is reversing its decision to comply with demands from the Chinese authorities to remove more than 300 articles appearing in the China Quarterly (CQ), the field leading China Studies journal that CUP publishes. CUP apparently took […]

The experiences of Chinese Students and Returnees

Written by Qing Gu. Over the last two decades, Chinese student mobility has undergone profound changes. Exponential growth has taken place, driven ‘in part by the demand for a knowledge-based economy and highly skilled human resources’. China’s economic expansion has played a significant role in the internationalisation of global […]

Education policy in China

Written by W. John Morgan. In June 1981, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party stated that: ‘The “cultural revolution”, May 1966 to October 1976, was responsible for the most severe setback and the heaviest losses suffered by the Party, the State, and the People since the […]