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The experiences of Chinese Students and Returnees

Written by Qing Gu. Over the last two decades, Chinese student mobility has undergone profound changes. Exponential growth has taken place, driven ‘in part by the demand for a knowledge-based economy and highly skilled human resources’. China’s economic expansion has played a significant role in the internationalisation of global […]

Education policy in China

Written by W. John Morgan. In June 1981, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party stated that: ‘The “cultural revolution”, May 1966 to October 1976, was responsible for the most severe setback and the heaviest losses suffered by the Party, the State, and the People since the […]

Unequal Opportunities, Unequal Outcomes

Written by Jane Golley. In the six and a half decades since the foundation of the People’s Republic, China has achieved remarkable advances in educating its vast population. This increase in human capital has contributed to, and in recent decades been facilitated by, the rapid rates of economic […]

Voices from China’s Rural Ethnic Margins

Written by Jinting Wu. In the broad strokes of media accounts, China presents a success story in education. Not only are many foreign universities vying to tap into its rich educational appetite by setting up offshore campuses, its “ruthlessly dedicated students” both home and abroad have impressed the world. In […]