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China Matters: Getting it Right for Australia

Written by Bates Gill and Linda Jakobson. A deepening relationship China matters to Australia. Australia is affected by nearly every aspect of China’s remarkable transformation.  Among Australians the second most widely spoken language is Mandarin Chinese. Over the past four decades 115 sister city and sister state relationships […]

Chinese Investment and Australian Sovereignty

Written by Elena Collinson and James Laurenceson. Growing Chinese money in Australia has stirred vociferous debate about whether this money comes with political intent and delivers strategic influence. China currently accounts for 31.6 percent of Australia’s goods exports. The Australian Trade Commission notes that the last time a […]

Asia’s pragmatic partnership

Written by Mark Beeson. Some partnerships are more likely than others. Nations can choose their friends – and their enemies – but they can’t choose their geography. Australia is fortunate to enjoy one of the most strategically benign locations in the world, but this hasn’t stopped generations of […]

Xi Jinping and China’s “Two Sessions”

Written by Lynette Ong. China’s “Two Sessions”, its annual political gatherings, have just drawn to a close. The “Two Sessions” (lianghui) are the meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC), and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) that take place in March every year. The NPC is […]