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An Ageing China and the Euthanasia Dilemma

Written by Peter Chang. Decades of economic growth notwithstanding, China is in the crux of a healthcare crisis as it confronts the soaring medical demands of an aging population. It is against this dire backdrop that the controversies surrounding euthanasia are being debated. And recent reports reveal a […]

Population ageing in China

Written by Jieyu Liu. Like many countries, population ageing is a significant area of concern for policy makers in China. However, unlike western countries, the ageing trend has set in whilst China is still relatively poor (at least in terms of the GDP per capita). In 2014 the […]

Growing old in China without falling into poverty

Written by Vincent Koen. Following Japan and ahead of India, China’s population is set to age fast, and to get old before getting rich. This reflects low fertility, notwithstanding the gradual relaxation of the One Child Policy, coupled with rising life expectancy. Indeed, the median age is on […]

Introduction to Special Issue on Ageing and China

Written by Martin Thorley. This week we are delighted to present a series of articles considering ageing China as their subject. The slowly rising median age of the Chinese population poses one of the most serious challenges to the long-term interests of the country. China now faces difficulties […]