Category: Soft Power and Public Diplomacy

Chinese Soccer, Soft Power and Fair Play

Written by Keunsu Han. There is little doubt that in analysis of China by parameters such as size, economic potential, abundant culture, history and tradition, the word “powerhouse” is appropriate. China has definitely become one of the world’s important destinations for tourism and business alike.

International Co-production of Chinese Documentary Development

Written by Ming Yu. In the past few years, China’s growth has attracted global attention and international co-production of Chinese documentaries have increased in the international market. This article divides the history of international co-production of Chinese documentary into three eras: (1) from 1979 to 2000; (2) from […]

Introduction to Special Issue on Film in China

Written by Martin Thorley. This week we invite seven academics to discuss film in China. In many ways the subject embodies some of the contradictions of the country itself: rapidly growing audiences and a spending spree that has brought some of the biggest international conglomerates in the industry […]

Confucianism, Morality and Chinese Diplomacy

Written by Michael Reilly. Twenty years ago, Robin Cook, the then recently appointed British Foreign Secretary, generated debate and controversy when he claimed that the Labour government of the day had introduced ‘an ethical dimension’ to British diplomacy. While professional diplomats jibbed at the inference that they had […]