Understanding Chinese President Xi’s anti-corruption campaign

Written by David Skidmore. Chinese President Xi Jinping has made fighting official corruption a cornerstone of his reign. Judging by the numbers alone, the campaign has achieved impressive results. Astonishingly, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has disciplined well over one million officials since Xi took power in 2012. The anti-corruption campaign has […]

China’s Xi sets his sights on the world

Written by Charles Burton. When the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Congress drew to a close recently, President Xi Jinping emerged, as intended, with a steely new grip on power. Having been enshrined in the Party Constitution as the sole legitimate interpreter of Chinese Marxism for the “new era,” Xi’s political […]

The 19th Party Congress and China’s sorrow

Written by Stephen L. Morgan. The changes to the constitution of the Communist Party of China passed at the 19th party congress are a tragedy for the Chinese, for their intellectual curiosity and for their future economic prosperity. Enshrining the ‘Thought of Xi Jinping’ in the party constitution, […]

The Easiest Decision

Written by Konstantinos Tsimonis. The leadership line-up at the end of the first plenum of the 19th Party Congress demonstrates that informal rules are designed to both strengthen political stability while giving flexibility to the decision-making process of China’s authoritarian political system. The fact that there is no […]