Female Singer-Songwriters and China’s TV Talent Shows

Written by Lijuan Qian. The centralized, state-controlled Chinese media industry has gradually evolved into a highly commercialized and international system over the last decade. A huge market has arisen for Western- and South Korean-format televised music and music-related talent contests within the world’s largest national network of over […]

Censorship and China Studies

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Academics involved with the China Quarterly (CQ), and colleagues in the China Studies field, are aghast at the demands from the Chinese authorities to remove published academic content from the Cambridge University Press (CUP) website in China. In my opinion, it is a needless […]

China shines the spotlight on football spending spree

Written by Simon Chadwick. English football fans often use the phrase ‘it all kicked-off’, which essentially means ‘when the trouble started’. In the never-ending soap opera that is Chinese football, it has all kicked-off once again over the last month or so. During the politically induced damp squib […]