China goes Global: The Changing Value Chain

Written by Ilan Alon. The globalisation of Chinese capital will be one of the hallmarks of 21st-century economics, shaping debates over state capitalism, ‘free’ markets and international institutions. The rise of Chinese multinationals has inflamed global fears about China ‘taking over’ the world. It is true that Chinese […]

AIIB goes global

Written by Andreea Brînză. In 2009, at China’s version of Davos, the Bo’ao Forum, a Chinese scholar advocated for setting up a regional bank that will accelerate the development of Asian countries by closing the infrastructure gap in Asia. The proposed name of the bank was the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, […]

Europe, AIIB and reconfiguring the geography of capitalism

Written by Leonardo Ramos. The creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was a milestone in the contemporary world order. Presented as a new source of financing to the emerging Asian economies, particularly on infrastructure issues, it includes fifty seven countries as founding members. The AIIB and the […]

Italy and the AIIB

Written by Matteo Dian. The promotion of the Asia Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) is one of most evident symbols of a deep change in the Chinese approach to global governance. Taken together with other recent initiatives such as the One Belt One Road, and the Regional Comprehensive […]