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2017 Defense Department Report on Chinese Military Power

Written by Bert Chapman. The 2000 National Defense Authorization Act saw Congress direct the Pentagon to prepare an annual report on Chinese military power in classified and unclassified versions. A 2010 amendment to this legislation directed this report to cover emerging Chinese military-technological developments and forecast future trends […]

China has not won the heart of its minorities

Written by Claude Arpi. On June 1, the Information Office of China’s State Council (Cabinet) published a White Paper (WP) entitled “Freedom of religious belief protected in Xinjiang.” These types of publications are part of regular exercises trying to provide a rosy picture to the world in areas […]

Islam in Xinjiang

Written by Elizabeth Van Wie Davis. A new Chinese White Paper titled, Human Rights in Xinjiang-Development and Progress (White Paper) was released on June 1, 2017. The paper outlines recent policies and occurrences involving Islam in Xinjiang. This White Paper, along with several other official documents outlining the […]