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CUP reverses course on CQ censorship – And then?

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Cambridge University Press (CUP) has announced that it is reversing its decision to comply with demands from the Chinese authorities to remove more than 300 articles appearing in the China Quarterly (CQ), the field leading China Studies journal that CUP publishes. CUP apparently took […]

Censorship and China Studies

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Academics involved with the China Quarterly (CQ), and colleagues in the China Studies field, are aghast at the demands from the Chinese authorities to remove published academic content from the Cambridge University Press (CUP) website in China. In my opinion, it is a needless […]

Introduction to Special Issue on Music in China

Written by Richard Selwyn. Earlier this year, the Confucius Institute held its third annual Chinese singing competition in the UK. Coverage of the event was limited, generating few column inches. Still, this state-sponsored competition seems significant. Are the Chinese authorities beginning to see the value in popular music? […]

Introduction to special issue on the News in China

Written by Richard Selwyn. The difficulties of reporting in China have been well-documented. And as if to confirm this fact, last week Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released their 2017 international press freedom index. The rankings are based on a survey of media professionals, lawyers and sociologists, and also […]