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Censorship and Alter-production

Written by Guobin Yang. I would like to approach the question of Internet censorship from a relatively unconventional angle. While a great deal of research aims to find out what is being censored on the Chinese Internet, I want to borrow ideas from a remarkable article by the […]

A Tale of Two Publishers: Is censorship the new normal?

Written by Kevin Carrico. On August 18th of this year, news broke that Cambridge University Press was censoring over 300 articles from China Quarterly on its Chinese website. The deletions were requested by Beijing, based on indiscriminate keyword searches like “Tibet,” “Tiananmen,” and “Taiwan.” Media attention rapidly focused […]

Developments in Chinese Media Censorship

Written by Jonathan Hassid. Now that Xi Jinping has been newly inaugurated to his second term as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with a strengthened position, his thoughts will inevitably turn to expanding the CCP’s position of power and influence in Chinese public life. One […]

The Soft Power of Chinese Censorship

Written by Christopher Balding. Global universities and publishers must seriously consider their response to Chinese censorship demands. A newly emboldened and politically regressive China cracking down on all nature of even politically innocuous speech is now targeting universities and academic speech. Global academics and universities will fail in […]

Controlling the Chinese information environment

Written by James Farley and Jonathan Sullivan. Authoritarians share the desire to control the frames, histories, discourses, ideas, narratives and opinions that constitute the “information environment”. Authoritarian regimes select and control access to the information that citizens are exposed to and seek to establish unchallengeable “facts”. Through school […]