Tag: China in Central Asia

Strategic impact of joint development and utilisation of hydropower resources between China and Kyrgyzstan

By Kunduz Rysbek. Securing the energy supply necessary for China’s continued economic growth is heavily dependent upon mutual cooperation between China and energy providing countries. The joint development of Kyrgyzstan’s hydropower resources illustrates the importance of enhancing strategic mutual cooperation between China and Central Asian countries.[1] Initially, China’s […]

Kazakh repatriates from China: burden or asset?

By Nikolay Tyan. The  increasing flow of people across national boundaries has become a new characteristic of  the 21st century. Transmigration should be beneficial to both sending and receiving countries; improving bilateral relationships and people-to-people diplomatic ties. However, in practice migration presents many challenges for and between states. […]

New Players, Same Chess Board: Will the political power transition in Uzbekistan affect gas supply to China?

By Rashid Gabdulhakov. Ever since Uzbekistan gained independence in 1991, its foreign policy is one of the most unpredictable in the Central Asia. Initially, Uzbekistan established close ties with the United States and Turkey, seemingly resenting everything that resembled the Soviet past. In the mid-1990s, however, all Turkish […]