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A new torture in China

Written by Eva Pils. ‘In China, we say that for a person meditating in a cave, a day passes as though it were a thousand years; it is like paradise. And where did I experience paradise? In there in the detention centre, being tortured. A day was like […]

The Death Penalty in China

Written by Hong Lu. As of 2015, approximately 70% of the countries around the globe (140 out of 198) had abolished the death penalty in law or in practice. According to Amnesty International, an average of over 3 countries per year have become abolitionists in law or in […]

The rise of rule by fear

Written by Eva Pils. In the course of my research on Chinese human rights lawyers over the past several years, I got to hear a lot about the techniques the government allegedly uses to control them. I came to refer to them as ‘fear techniques.’ They included tracking […]