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Eco-city Development in China

Written by Wu Deng. China is undergoing the largest scale urbanization in history and at an unprecedented pace. Between 1991 and 2012, China’s urban population increased from 26.4% to 52.6%. Urban built areas have expanded from 12,856 to 45,566 square kilometres over the same period, an increase of […]

Renewable energy: Canada learns from China

Written by Daouda Cissé. Even though Canada and China have developed political and diplomatic relations, the economic ties between the two countries remain the most important aspect of the relationship. Both countries have developed strong trade and investment relations in various areas such as agriculture, real estate, infrastructure, services […]

Citizens and Pollution in China: Between Citizen-science, Rational Resistance and “Resigned Activism”

Written by Anna Lora-Wainwright. China’s pollution—whether it is Beijing’s airpocalypse, “cancer villages”, controversial PX plants, recent explosions in Tianjin or a plethora of other accidents and routine contamination—rarely avoids public scrutiny. The Environmental Justice Atlas, with which I am involved in covering Chinese cases, has made considerable headway […]