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China’s Sea-Based Nuclear Deterrent: Incremental Advances and Perennial Limitations

Written by Renny Babiarz. According to recent media reports, China may have initiated its first sea-based nuclear deterrence patrols with Jin-Class ballistic missile nuclear submarines (SSBNs). If true, this operational deployment demonstrably improves the credibility of China’s strategic nuclear deterrent. While some may characterize China’s sea-based nuclear deterrence […]

Chinese and Japanese Nationalism: The Clash and Convergence of Ideologies

Written by Brian J. McVeigh. International relations can be understood by examining detailed specifics (individual leaders, national policies articulated in position papers and laws, etc.). Or they can be appreciated by investigating matters less changeable, such as geopolitical constraints and “deep ideologies”—abiding assumptions that shape the relations between […]

China in Vietnamese Nationalism

Written by Claire Sutherland. China looms large in Vietnamese nationalism to this day, most obviously in ongoing disputes over control of the South China Sea (known as the East Sea in Vietnamese). I was acutely aware of this whilst preparing a recently opened museum exhibition on Vietnamese nation-building […]