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A new torture in China

Written by Eva Pils. ‘In China, we say that for a person meditating in a cave, a day passes as though it were a thousand years; it is like paradise. And where did I experience paradise? In there in the detention centre, being tortured. A day was like […]

Liu Xiaobo and Normalised Norway

Written by Jichang Lulu. Norway’s ‘normalised’ relations with China, under which it has promised it “will not support actions that undermine” “China’s core interests and major concerns,” have been tested after the Chinese government revealed Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波 was terminally ill. The administration of Prime Minister Erna Solberg […]

Talking about China’s human rights

 Written by Xu Ruike. It is unsurprising that British journalists and commentators were obsessive in criticizing China’s human right records during President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the UK last week. Their sincerity concerning human rights in China should not be questioned. But sincerity does not mean impartiality. Their viewpoints regarding […]