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2017 Defense Department Report on Chinese Military Power

Written by Bert Chapman. The 2000 National Defense Authorization Act saw Congress direct the Pentagon to prepare an annual report on Chinese military power in classified and unclassified versions. A 2010 amendment to this legislation directed this report to cover emerging Chinese military-technological developments and forecast future trends […]

The PLA in 2026.

Written by Eric Heginbotham. In 2015, RAND Corporation colleagues and I published a net assessment of U.S. and Chinese capabilities in two scenarios – the Spratly Islands and Taiwan. In it, we examined trends from 1996 to 2017 (projected) in the maritime, air, space, cyber, and nuclear domains. The […]

Observations on PLA Studies

Written by Peter Mattis. As China’s military modernization accelerated throughout the 1990s and 2000s, an outpouring of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) publications threatened to drown specialists in data. These sources, many of them available on the internet, have been a boon for analysts, providing information on order of […]