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Dividing the Third Pole

Written by Martin Mills. Over the last decade, the Tibetan Plateau has changed beyond recognition. In the place of the organic huddles of mud-brick villages and scattered nomadic pastoralist tents that characterised rural life on the Plateau for more than a thousand years, stand roadside lines of concrete […]

Power, Money, and Fake News in China

Written by Graham Bond. In Anglophone circles, 2016 was the year that ‘fake news’ became real, at least in terms of raw political impact. Questionable figures painted on the side of the Brexit Battle Bus were blamed for leading the UK out of the European Union. Donald Trump’s […]

China’s Critical Year

Written by William Hurst. In his Independence Day Speech, on 17 August 1964, Sukarno famously declared the start of what he called the “Year of Dangerous Living”.  In the 14 months following that speech, Indonesia was indeed rocked by violent struggles between parties and factions with competing Communist, […]

Leninism and cross-strait relations

Written by Michael Reilly. In a speech in Taipei on 21 May, Richard Bush a former Director of the American Institute of Taiwan, reminded his audience that Leninism had been the dominant ideology in Taiwan until the mid 1980s, arguably as it remains in China still. Looking at Taiwan today […]