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BRI and the New Great Game in Eurasia

Written by Tom Harper. The Belt and the Road Initiative (BRI) represents most recent engagement with the former Soviet Union. While China’s involvement in the region has often been seen as a recent development, it is also the latest chapter of China’s long history in Eurasia, stemming from the establishment […]

Can China rival the U.S. Navy in the Pacific?

Written by Robert Beckhusen. The name Valery Vasilevich Babich is an important one in the world of aircraft carrier construction. A 76-year-old Ukrainian shipbuilder and journalist, Babich was instrumental in the construction of the Soviet Union’s aircraft carriers including the Admiral Kuznetsov, the Admiral Gorshkov-turned-Vikramaditya now in Indian service, and the Varyag which is […]

Can Japan tempt Russia into an alliance against China?

Written by Dmitry Filippov. Russia, and the Soviet Union before it, has traditionally been on Japan’s diplomatic radar mostly by virtue of its proximity and sheer influence. The two countries’ bilateral ties have been frosty at best, however, thanks to a decades-old territorial dispute over the South Kuril […]