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Would China go to war over U.S. Navy port calls in Taiwan?

Written by J. Michael Cole. Li Kexin, speaking at the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Washington  last week told hundreds of people assembled at an embassy event, that calls by U.S. Navy vessels at ports in Taiwan would violate China’s “Anti-Secession Law” of 2005 and automatically spark a military response.

Dividing the Third Pole

Written by Martin Mills. Over the last decade, the Tibetan Plateau has changed beyond recognition. In the place of the organic huddles of mud-brick villages and scattered nomadic pastoralist tents that characterised rural life on the Plateau for more than a thousand years, stand roadside lines of concrete […]

China’s interests in Afghanistan

Written by Angela Stanzel. China’s role in Afghanistan is gradually evolving towards more engagement in various areas. This increasing engagement reflects both China’s concerns about the deterioration of security in Afghanistan since large numbers of international security forces withdrew from the country in 2014, and its interest in benefiting […]

Can Japan tempt Russia into an alliance against China?

Written by Dmitry Filippov. Russia, and the Soviet Union before it, has traditionally been on Japan’s diplomatic radar mostly by virtue of its proximity and sheer influence. The two countries’ bilateral ties have been frosty at best, however, thanks to a decades-old territorial dispute over the South Kuril […]