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International Co-production of Chinese Documentary Development

Written by Ming Yu. In the past few years, China’s growth has attracted global attention and international co-production of Chinese documentaries have increased in the international market. This article divides the history of international co-production of Chinese documentary into three eras: (1) from 1979 to 2000; (2) from […]

Chinese War and Foreign Correspondents

Written by Shixin Ivy Zhang. In recent years, Chinese journalists have been active in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Israel and Palestine. The ‘big four’ in China – Xinhua, CCTV, People’s Daily and China Radio International – received US$6 billion from the Chinese government in […]

Introduction to special issue on the News in China

Written by Richard Selwyn. The difficulties of reporting in China have been well-documented. And as if to confirm this fact, last week Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released their 2017 international press freedom index. The rankings are based on a survey of media professionals, lawyers and sociologists, and also […]