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Taiwan, China, and the future of U.S. policy in Asia

Written by Douglas Paal. China has just concluded its 19th Party Congress. The air is redolent with questions about how much will change and what will continue. After more than a year of extremely cautious avoidance of controversy, especially with its neighbors, Beijing may now have a free hand […]

China-India communication: A Doklam dividend?

Written by Parama Sinha Palit. The Cold War has long been forgotten and the new international order is witnessing the rise of several regional powers eager to dominate their respective geographical spaces. This has led to the emergence of a kind of regional sovereignty with induced accommodation that […]

China and the US: when worlds collide

Written by Mark Beeson. There is so much going on in the world these days it’s sometimes possible to focus on the ephemeral and the inconsequential rather than the long-term structural changes that are likely to shape the international system for decades. The US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, […]

A Sino-Russian Alliance? Rationales and Realities

Written by Jingdong Yuan. Since the early 1990s when Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his Chinese counterpart Jiang Zemin first laid the foundation of a partnership between the former allies (1950s) and foes (1960s-1970s), Beijing and Moscow have gradually elevated the bilateral relationship to its current comprehensive strategic partnership. […]